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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Chapter 4 Bacterial Culture Growth and Development 1Chapter 4 Bacterial Culture Growth and Development Read 4145 and 47Microbial NutritionAll life requiresElectron flow to drive all life processesDrives ions into out of cellsUsed to create ATPEnergy to move electronsMaterials to make cell partsNutrients CHONPSElectron flow requiresSource of electronsLithotrophsInorganic molecules are electron donors ironOrganotrophsOrganic molecules are electron donorsUltimate electron acceptorInorganic molecules nitrate or oxygen Respiration Organic molecules pyruvateFermentation Source of energyPhototrophs Light energy excites electronsExcited molecules are electron donorChemotrophsChemicals are electron donorsOxidation of chemical oOxidationdonation of electronsChapter 4 Bacterial Culture Growth and Development 2NutrientsMacronutrientsMajor elements in cell macromolecules oCHONPSCarbonlarge amount needed by cells to formorganic compounds amino acids fatty acids sugarsnitrogenase bases to carry out cellular functions Autotrophsprokaryotes that can make all cellular structures from CO2Heterotrophsmust obtain carbon from organic compounds most prokaryotesNitrogenneeded by cells for amino acids nitrogenous basesother cell constituentsNitrogenfixing prokaryotes capable of using atmospheric nitrogen gasMost prokaryotes obtain nitrogen from compounds such as ammonianitrate Ions necessary for protein function222oMg Ca Fe K MicronutrientsTrace elements Co Cu Zn etcGrowth factors organic compounds necessary for enzyme function
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