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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

Chapter 1Microbial Life Origin and Discovery 1Chapter 1Microbial Life Origin and Discovery Read Sections 1115What is MicrobiologyThe study of organisms too small to be seen with the naked eyeMicroorganisms are everywhereOur bodiesFoodsEnvironmentIndustrySome are pathogens but most are harmless or beneficialImportanceMedicineoMaking antibioticsoControlling diseaseAgricultureoNitrogenfixing bacteriaSuch as Rhizobium which fixes N in symbiosis with leguminous plants 2oGenetically engineered cropsFood industryoBeer wine bread yogurt pickles chocolateGenetic engineeringoInsulin growth hormone vitaminsoCrops resistant to pests heat pesticides herbicides etcKeep us aliveoRecycle nutrientsoProduce vitaminsoDegrade organic matterCause diseasesoMost microbes are NOT pathogenicoHIV colds STDs food poisoning fluMicrobiologists study1Bacteria2Viruses3Protozoans4Fungi5Algae6Diatoms7And moreChapter 1Microbial Life Origin and Discovery 2What Is a MicrobeOrganism that requires a microscope to be seen Microbial cells size 02 um to mm viruses are much smallerContradictionsSupersize cellsThiomargarita namibiensis is size of a fruit fly headMicrobial communitiesin biofilms microbes have specialized functionsact as a multicellular organism many different species living together ie mushrooms kelp biofilms Viruses are noncellular considered to be microbes but are not fully functional cells6 major groups studied by microbiologistsProkaryotes freeliving organisms with no nucleus or membranebound organelles 1Bacteria2ArchaeaEukaryotes1Algae2Protists3FungiViruses
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