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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051
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Chapter 1Can get micro book buy ebook or buy each chapterWwnortoncomCan go to the website and look up the book There isa study space It gives question and flashcardsTuesday January 13 2009900 AM Microbiology study of organisms too small to be seen with naked eye ex bacteria viruses protozoans fungiMost are not harmful most are beneficialThey are everywhere ImportanceMedicine Make antibiotics Control diseaseAgricultureNitrogen fixing bacteria nodules filled with RhizobiumFood IndustryBeer wine bread yogurt picklesGenetic EngineeringUsing bacteria to make commercial productsInsulin growth hormone vitaminsCrops resistant to pests heat pesticides etcKeeps us AliveRecycle nutrientsProduce vitaminsDegrade organic matterCauses Disease HIV colds STDs flu food poisoning Chapter 1 Microbial Life Origin and Discovery What Is a Microbe6 major groups studied by microbiologistsProkaryotes1Bacteria2ArchaeaEukaryotes1Algae water2Protozoa water also3Fungi bread mold for example A lot look fuzzyVirusesnon cellular They do not have a membrane or nucleus When not inside a host cell they are inert Microbes Shape Human HistoryMicrobes affect food availabilityDestroy crops but preserve food
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