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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

Chapter 3Tuesday January 20 2009955 AM Chapter 3 Cell Structure and Function Basic cellular structures1Cytoplasm2Cytoplasmic membrane3Nucleus or nucleoidNucleoid is not surrounded by a membrane4Ribosomesprotein synthesis 5Cell wallfound in plantsmost prokaryotes not in animals Two types of cells 1 Prokaryotesimpler internal structurelack membraneenclosed organellesBacteriaArchaea 2 Eukaryotelargermore complexMembranebound organelles nucleus chloroplast mitochondria etc1 domainalgae fungi protozoa plants animals Viruses THEY ARE THEIR OWN CATEGORY THEY ARE NOT IN ANY DOMAIN OR TREENoncellularReproduce only inside a host cellLack many characteristics of living thingsEx HIV virus Rhinoviruses coldsArrangement of DNA in Microbial Cellsgenomea cells complete set of genesDNA is arranged to form chromosomesProkaryoteshave a single circular chromosome and sometimes circular extrachromosomal DNA plasmidsEukaryotesseveral linear chromosomes 23 pairshumansNucleus membraneenclosed structure that contains the chromosomesfound in eukaryotes Nucleoid mass of DNA not bound by a membranefound in prokaryotes The Bacterial CellCytoplasm surrounded by envelopeCytoplasm contains DNA in nucleoid Envelope has lipid membrane boundaryPlus structural cell wall Bacterial cell structures
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