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Biological Sciences
BIOL 2160
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Chapter 6 Endocrine SystemEndocrine FunctionsA single gland may produce multiple hormonesoEXAnterior PituitaryA single hormone may be made by more than one glandoEX Somatostatin stomach pancreas hypothalamusA hormone may have more than 1 targetresponseoEX TestosteroneSome organs may be exclusively hormonaloEX Anterior PituitarySome organs produce hormoneshave other functions oEXTestes produce testosteronespermI Primary Endocrine OrgansHypothalamus and pituitary glandsPineal glandThyroid gland and parathyroid glandsThymusAdrenal glandsPancreasGonadsHypothalamus and Pituitary Gland 62Hypothalamus in brain part of nervous systemoPituitary gland Anterior lobe roof of mouthPosterior lobe extension of hypothalamusoInfundibulum stem that connects hypothalamus to pituitary glandPosterior Pituitary 63Hormones made in different regions of hypothalamusoAntidiuretic Hormone ADH or vasopressinWater balance and osmolarity acts on kidneyoOxytocinmilk ejection mammary glandspartuition uteruslove hormone mothering hormoneIn times of stress women produce more oxytocin men produce more testosteroneCan be made by men but not in same amounts because they have no targetsBlood Connection to Anterior Pituitary 64Double capillary bedoAnterior pituitaryoKidneyoLiver Portal Vessels oLink 2 capillary bedsoShould only have oneoCarries hormone to anterior pituitaryoTarget for all hormones anterior pituitaryIn capillaries is where exchange occurs between blood and tissueTropic HormonesAffect release of another hormoneAll hormones going to anterior pituitary are tropicReleasing hormonesInhibiting hormonesCommon Tropic Hormone PathwayHypothalamus secretes releasing or inhibiting hormone into capillary bedBlood with tropic hormones enters portal veinHypothalamic tropic hormones access anterior pituitary secretory cells through capillary bedsAlter release of anterior pituitary tropic hormonesAnterior pituitary tropic hormones enter bloodstream in same capillary bedTravel to distant endocrine gland to trigger release of hormoneAnterior Pituitary HormonesHormoneTargetActionProlactinBreastMilk productionACTHAdrenal CortexRelease corticoidsGHBonesMusclesGrowth in lengthTSHThyroid GlandRelease TT34LHLeydig CellsMake testosteroneLHFollicleOvulationFSHTestesSpermatogenesis inhibinFSHOvariesMaturation of ovaHormones of Growth 2110Growth hormone major stimulator for postnatal growth via stimulation cell divisionprotein synthesisSomatomedins insulinlike growth factorsoInsulinoThyroid hormones
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