Chapter 5 Objectives

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040

Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 5 Inferring Phylogeny51 Building TreesCompare the four techniques for building phylogenetic treesoParsimonyThe tree with the fewest number of evolutionary changesoDistance methodsSpecies with large numbers of common characters tend to be more closely related to one another Uses DNA sequencingoMaximum likelihoodAim to use explicit models of how characters change through the evolutionary process and by applying conventional techniques of statistical inference to find the phylogenetic tree that best explains the dataoBayesian inferenceLike Max Likelihood but has a different definition of what best explains means52 ParsimonyWhat is the fundamental idea behind the parsimony method of building phylogenetic treesoThe best phylogeny is that the best phylogeny is the one that both explains the observed character data and posits the fewest evolutionary changesGiven several phylogenetic trees with character data included choose the best hypothesis based on the data using the parsimony method
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