Chapter 4 Objectives

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 3040

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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 4 Phylogeny and Evolutionary History41 Phylogenies Reflect Evolutionary HistoryWhat are phylogenies and the traits used to build themoThe branching relationships of populations as they give rise to multiple descendant populations over evolutionary timeDescribe the different scales in which phylogenies can be used to show relationships among taxaoPhylogenies tell of the ancestry of populationsoMajor events in evolutionary historyoRelationships among genera with a family of organismsHow would you use a phylogenetic tree constructed with one set of traits to generate a hypothesis about the evolutionary history of a second set of traits in a group of taxao42 Reading Phylogenetic TreesWhat are the parts or features of a phylogenyoTaxona group of related organismsoNodesbranch points where the tree splitsoRootthe common lineage from which all species indicated on the tree are derivedList three ways to draw a phylogenetic treeoTree format ladder format circular formatHow would you determine the relationships among
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