Chapter 9 Objectives (98% on the test)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 9 Evolution at Multiple Loci91 Polygenic Traits and the Nature of HeredityExplain how Mendelian inheritance of polygenic traits can lead to nearly continuous variationoSince many small variations can affect traits simultaneously there can be many small variations in genes for a polygenic trait leading to continuous variationExplain what is meant by latent variation How can it lead to an extension of the range of variation in a continuous traitoA Latent variation is where there is so much Mendelian variation within populations that not all possible genotypes could be represented As a result selection could shift allele frequencies and genetic reassortment could then draw out new phenotypes from the preexisting variation even in the absence of further mutationDescribe how epistatic interactions among loci can affect phenotypeoEpistatic interactions occur when the alleles at two or more loci interact in nonadditive ways to determine phenotype Because of epistasis the phenotypic effects of these loci are context dependent the phenotypic effects of alleles at one locus depend on the context that is set by the alleles at another locus 92 Population Genetics of Multiple LociExplain why it is necessary to track haplotype frequencies instead of allele frequencies in population genetic models of evolutionary change at multiple locioA haplotype
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