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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Intentional TortsTortOld definitionunlawful touchingtoo limitedTort is a noncontractual wrongVery broad topicGenerally physical contact on person or propertyIntentional and unintentionalComponentsa tort is committed when1a duty owed by one person to another2is breached and3proximately causes4injury or damage to the owner of a legally protected interestThe law of torts has three principle objectivesto compensate persons who sustain harm or loss from anothers tortious conduct to place the cost of compensation on those parties who should bear it and to prevent future harm and losses DamagesCompensatory damages compensate the plaintiff for his injury Punitive damages punish or make an example of the wrongdoer in cases where the defendants conduct was intentional and outrageous showing malice or a fraudulent or evil motivePunitive damages punish or make an example of the wrongdoer in cases where the defendants conduct was intentional and outrageous showing malice or a fraudulent or evil motiveIntentional TortsBatteryintentional infliction of harmful or offensive bodily contactoConsists of intentional infliction of harmful or offensive bodily contactSuch contact does not necessarily have to be with the persons body it may consist of touching the individuals clothing or some object that is being heldAssaultintentional infliction of apprehension of immediate bodily harm or offensive contactoIs essentially the intentional creation of a mental impression that an offensive or harmful bodily contact is about to occurThe intended victim must be aware of the imminent dangerFalse Imprisonmentintentional confining of a person against her willoIs the intentional interference with a persons freedom of movement by unlawful confinementThe person must be aware of the confinement or harmed by itMere obstruction of someones freedom of movement is insufficient so long as there is a reasonable alternative exit available This includes threats against propertyoShopliftingInfliction of Emotional Distressextreme and outrageous conduct intentionally or recklessly causing severe emotional distress oIs the intentional or reckless infliction of emotional distressRecklessness is conduct that evidences a conscious disregard of or an indifference to the consequences of the act committedConsists of outrageous conduct that falls well beyond the bounds of decency and which causes the person to suffer severe mental and emotional harmMany courts allow recovery even if no physical injury occursoTRUE OR FALSE ON HOW SOMEONES REPUTATION IS BEING HARMED 1
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