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Chapter 4

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BLAW 3202

Chapter 4Intellectual Property number of intangible rightsTrademarks copyrights patents rightofpublicity last one technically notOwners of intellectual property have exclusive but limited use of the symbols or namesLocation of the noncompetitors market type of product of service offered and manner in which it is sold factors considered by courts in a dispute over the use pf a mark or symbolLicenses and endorsementsIntellectual property rights transferred for a fee to another partyOwners can grant another privilege of using the right of specified ways authorization in form of license or endorsementLicense permission granted by owner to another party to use the property in an agreed upon mannerEndorsement public statement of preference for and recommendation of that product or service by a person or entityMarks used to identify propertyInclude words symbols or combination of the twoMay also include shapes colors sounds and movementsAnything that distinguishes someones goods and services may qualify as a protectable markTrademark mark to identify goods with the manufacturer Nike shoes Lexus cars McDonalds burgersOlympic rings most recognized trademark in worldCease and desist given 7 days to take away Olympic name in business if not associated with OlympicsExemption Olympia paintCalloway more counterfeit clubs than real clubsQuality not as good giving a bad nameService mark mark to identify the provider of a service ATT phone service McDonalds food serviceTrade dress includes a trademark and the entire package of the product or serviceTrade name identifies the business itself General MotorsCertification mark mark is to certify compliance with standards seal of approvalCollective mark to indicate membership in a group Boy ScoutsTrademark law designed to establish who has rights in marks and remedies for infringementTo protect mark and person who has mark also to avoid confusionDilutionreduction your mark can tarnish name if you put out bad quality product
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