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Chapter 1

CHEM 1201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Chemical Compound, Intensive And Extensive Properties, Trailing Zero

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CHEM 1201

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Chemistry Chapter 1 Notes
January 18-23,2012
What is chemistry?
oChemistry is the study of the composition structure and properties of matter and
its transformations.
Atoms are the building blocks of chemistry.
Elements are atoms with different numbers of protons.
Molecules are two or more atoms arranged specifically.
A chemical compound always has the same elemental composition.
Law of Definite Properties- A chemical compound always has the same proportion of
elements by mass
Law of Constant Composition- A Chemical compound always has the same elemental
States of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma
Properties of Matter
Observed without changing chemical identity
Melting, boiling, density, volume
Observed only when a substance changes to another substance
Flammability, reaction with acid, corrosion
Intensive Properties: Do not depend on the amount of sample being examined and are
particularly useful in chemistry because many intensive properties can be used to
identify substances.
oEx: Temperature and melting point
Extensive Properties: depend on the amount of sample. Relating to the amount of the
oEx: Mass and volume
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