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Chemistry Chapter 1 Notes (highest grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
CHEM 1201

Chemistry Chapter 1 NotesJanuary18232012What is chemistryoChemistry is the study of the composition structure and properties of matter and its transformationsAtoms are the building blocks of chemistryElements are atoms with different numbers of protonsMolecules are two or more atoms arranged specificallyA chemical compound always has the same elemental compositionLaw of Definite Properties A chemical compound always has the same proportion of elements by massLaw of Constant Composition A Chemical compound always has the same elemental compositionStates of matter solid liquid gas plasmaProperties of MatteroPhysical Observed without changing chemical identityMelting boiling density volumeoChemicalObserved only when a substance changes to another substanceFlammability reaction with acid corrosionIntensive Properties Do not depend on the amount of sample being examined and are particularly useful in chemistry because many intensive properties can be used to identify substancesoEx Temperature and melting pointExtensive Properties depend on the amount of sample Relating to the amount of the substanceoEx Mass and volume
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