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CMST Homework 1Exam

Communication Studies
Course Code
CMST 2060

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Logan Samuel
CMST 2060
30 August 2011
1.)“Invention tends to place the greatest emphasis on discovering what to say
concerning the problematic situation at hand, including what to observe about the
character of the speaker and the audience.”
2.) “The majority of this book will focus on providing resources for invention,
drawing not only from reasoning and logic, but also from an understanding of the
broader historical, political, and sociological context of a situation. “
3.) PAWS ID and password
5.) Anyone can change something on Wikipedia
“generally someone makes a change or addition to a page, then everyone who reads
it has an opportunity to leave the page as it is or change it” –Wikipedia
Specific purpose- an expression of an interest in a particular group.
Thesis- specific argument that seeks to achieve the specific purpose.
The specific purpose is a broader goal and the thesis is a very specific statement of
what a speech or paper will be built around.
7.) “Internal preview is a sentence within the speech that lets an audience know
what they are about to hear
8.) Introduction or transition would be a good part to put an internal preview so
that a listener knows what you are moving towards.
9.) “In conclusion” or- Furthermore”
10.) Style means that the soldier is equipped
11.) “Context includes both the other words surrounding that word as well as the
situation in which those words are spoken
12.) More than just words
13.) Large and interesting enough to aid and make an impression without
overpowering the speech
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