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HIST 2055
2013. 10. 01.
Revolutionary War
-Key Battles:
-Long Island, NY, October 1776
-Trenton and Princeton, December 1776
-Saratoga, NY, September/October 1777
-important b/c the French come in on Americas side b/c of this major
-Featured win
-British Southern strategy: the Carolinas and Virginia, 1780-81
-Yorktown, October 1781
-Featured win
-British come up with a new strategy
-Split colonies by taking over the South
-Most Indians allied with the British
Post-Revolutionary Concerns
-Treaty of Paris, 1783
-Confederation Congress
-Land speculation and state rivalries
-Conflicting claims among the states
-Shay’s rebellion, 1786
-Danielle Shays was a captive
-Constitutional Convention
-Virginia plan vs. New Jersey Plan (big state/small state competition)
-the meaning of “federal”
-ratification by the states (1788)
-whither a Bill of Rights
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