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ENGL - Are You My Mother

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ENGL 2593

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Are You My Mother
Pages consist of a variety of elements
Panels- squares or rectangles that contain a single scene
Gutters- space between panels
Dialog Balloons- contain communication between/among characters
Thought Balloons- contain a character’s thoughts
Captions- contain information about a scene or character
Sound Effects- visual sound clues i.e.. Wonk! Pow!
Book Review 1
Phone conversation
Cripple child gets attention from her mother
Transitional object- object the child becomes attached to besides her mother.
What happens when they go to church together?
She smacked herself in the head- third eye, to look inside.
Book Review 2
Pg 138 Objects-How much is it her? Not me/ not not me
Getting things on her jeans > make mom pay attention
Mom Depressed when parents died and friend falls in love
Grandmother liked a boy and he doesn’t like her back
Allison seems to be a shadow of her dad. He is Homosexual
She highlights “mind”
o Her lesbianism has “saved her” pg 156 and pg 188
Pg 80 Mother archetype completely selfless. What should a mother be?
“raise a girlie girl”
Pg 86 Mom needs re-assurance (do you love me)
Pg 150 Psychoanalytic Insight
Pg 160 coming out process was a big deal for her but not for others
Pg 167 represented her childhood
Pg 191
Book Review “Mirror CH 6”
DREAM: Mom rehearses and does not look at Allison! Only the mirror
o Has allergic reactions to jewelry and dress
Mom never calls over the weekend to talk about Allison’s Manuscript
AL sees a pic of her mom in a play, long time ago, when they fought….
Mom says Al looks pale. She colors her cheeks on pics, will use moms
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