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Short Paer 3 ENGL 2593 01

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ENGL 2593

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Joy Gomez
Dr. Emily Toth
ENGL 2593.01
February 7, 2012
E. Domesticity
A woman’s home says many things about her character. This is
true for modern women and this is also true for women in the 19th and
20th century. For women in the 19th and 20th century, the amount of
nice belongings she has in her home and the homes size directly
reflects where she is located in the social hierarchy. A woman’s home
might tell her guest how she handled her help and what kind of
homemaker she is. To many women during this time, appearances are
The worst home by far is Fruitlands. Fruitlands is an
experimental utopian society that Abel Lamb and his family take part
in. Their home is an “old red farm-house, a dilapidated barn” and an
orchard with “ancient” trees. This home is described as “a barren-
looking valley” and with “dilapidated kitchen, containing an old
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