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ENLG 2593 Paper 10

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ENGL 2593

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Joy Gomez
Dr. Emily Toth
ENGL 2593.01
April 4, 2012
MM.KEEPING UP APPEARANCES. In all these stories, some
characters deceive others. Who deceives whom, and how do they do
it? In these three stories, are women or men more successful at
Deceit is a common theme in many crime stories and is a
characteristic in “Clever and Quick,” “Country Lovers,” and “The
Irony of Hate.” The characters in each story deceive to get a certain
outcome they want but in each story, the ending does not come out
just right. The character do many bad things like lie, kill, steal,
blackmail, and perjure themselves to get what they think they want.
In “Clever and Quick” by Christianna Brand, the most
manipulative and deceitful character in the story is Trudi. She gets
everything she wants without ever having to get her hands too dirty.
She manipulates Raymond Gray by making him think she is in love
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