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ENGL 2593 01 Paper 12

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ENGL 2593

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Gomez 1
Joy Gomez
Dr. Emily Toth
ENGL 2593.01
April 25, 2012
WW. ESCAPING THE PAST. Major characters in these stories are all
escaping from something in the past. What is it? Do you think they
successfully escape?
Every person in the world has a past, some might want to forget.
Your past fallows you no matter what. No one can shake their past.
The main characters attempt to out run their past and some succeed.
In “Death of a Snowbird” by J.A. Jance, Oscar and Anges
Barkley are two snowbirds spending a part of their year in the desert.
I think that Oscar is the main character that tries to escape his past
because he the one who’s idea it was to go to the desert in the first
place. He wants to go to a place completely different than their home
in Illinois. He worked a boring and dreary job as a mailman for years.
When he finds the jar and discovers that it is valuable, he thinks it will
make his life much easier. He said that he was tired of saving all the
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