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ENGL 2593 01 Paper 4

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ENGL 2593

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Gomez 1
Joy Gomez
Dr. Emily Toth
ENGL 2593.01
February 14, 2012
M. Secrets. What are the secrets in these stories, who keeps them,
and why?
Secrets are a key component to any developing plot. Soap
operas have been on the air for years and their entire plot lines are
created around even one small secrets. The unknown aspect to a
story is what drives the reader to keep turning the pages because
readers what to see how the story will unfold. A secret can destroy or
build a relationship. A secret is a powerful tool and is a key aspect in
the three short stories assigned.
In “the Yellow Wallpaperby Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the
secret and lack of self-expression is what caused the narrator to go
insane. The narrator has an active imagination. She attempts to write
without anyone knowing. The narrator says, “there comes John, and I
must put this away … he hates to have me write a word.” The narrator
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