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Geography of DatingBarriersPhysical Barriers mountains and oceans people only dated people in their certain religions or so on People dated locally You didnt have Aztecs dating Egyptians There are barriers that affected who people could ask out on a date Proximity still mattersSocial Barriers Political Religious there were very few Americans who dated Russians Many people were reluctant to people who spoke a different language Linguistics shaped our options People did not want to marry outside the catholic church People did not let there kids date Jewish people Religion was a pressure for people and there were violent conflicts because of this overcoming barriers through mobilityLocal to International People who are born in certain areas they want to stay there Acadian being an example they do not want to leave there They were homebound and wanted to marry in They helped with wars and this helped them expand Many people now travel Traditional Barriers are beginning to erode Traveling from one place to the other now Migration why people leave The Acadians left because they were kicked out and moved to Louisiana Movement of ideas of plants and animals because of the climate disease because of travel such as aids and swine flu Supply chains can have an impact all over the world the oil spill is an example because people did not want to buy the fish disease spread and food recallsImmigrants and Local Foodways with immigration there is a range of different food we can eat such as Vietnamese food now in new Orleans immigrants bring new things Columbian exchange when he came to the world there was new food from old world to new world they brought new plants horses and tomatoes to the new worldInternational Commodity with Local Flavor National V local scale of productionGlobalization geography of music examples are the Beatles different cultures created new music sustainabilityFuel costWhat is geography earth description There is a geography of music climate movies etcGEOGRAPHY oDefined many years ago it was the description of the earth it is much more than this now It is how places are created and they tend to focus on the earths surface Hydrosphere and atmosphere and the biosphere geographers are concerned with this oFour traditionsSpatialMapping using the geographers tools Mapping was used to help people get around they made maps that were useful tools Over time we begin to see changes in the use of maps They began using math to make the maps People realized that if you are going to make a map you need to use math Map Projections latitude and longitude provide them with orientation they provide a perpendicular grid 360 degrees of longitude oCylindrical Projection Surface tube paper around a globe they create different types of distortions oConical Projection Surface oMercator Projection this would be a cylindrical projection first important map for navigation maintains perpendicular lines it greatly distorts this is true direction not true area British would use this because it made them look bigger oMellweide Equal Area shows true are not great for navigation it is a true size shows the population Local ResourcesArea StudiesLooking at territories and regions look at activitiesRegional Geography artificial construct territory with a shared trait it is a mental application of the territory Formal Region would be the SEC specific or legal definition Functional Regions occur because of activities that occur over time such as the trade territory of Louisiana shrimp Vernacular Regioninformal definition where do you people say yall food ways the sunbelt oGeopolitical colonial possessionsoCultural linguistics oEconomic low opportunities to high opportunitiesoOcean Basins Space and Place people have developed an attachment to
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