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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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Chapter 2Learning Objectives1 What observations support continental drift 2 What is Paleomagnetism Part 1I Alfred WegenerA His Importance German meteorologist and polar explorer wrote The Origins of the Continents and Oceans in 1915proposed the supercontinent Pangaeaa Continental Evidenceproposed that land masses slowly move continental driftsaid that the continents fit together too perfectly for it to be a coincidence b Glacial Evidenceevidence of late Paleozoic glaciers found on five continentssome of this evidence is now far from the poles these glaciers could not be explained unless the continents had moved c Paleoclimatic EvidenceWegener predicted rocks defining Pangaea climate belts d Fossil Evidence identical fossils found on widely separated land masses e Matching Geologic Unitsdistinctive rocks assemblages and mountain belts match across the Atlantic II What is Paleomagnetism A Earths Magnetic Fielda Outer Core liquid it is spinning generates a magnetic fieldsimilar to a bar magnet because it has a north and a south poleb Earths Two North Poles two north poles a geographic north pole and a magnetic north polethe geographic north pole lies on an axis in which the earth spins the magnetic north pole is where the compass needle pointsmagnetic north pole moves constantlythe magnetic north pole moves within 1500 KM of geographic polec Magnetic Declination shows the angel between the geographic north and the magnetic north o the present angle is11oocan be measured form 0360d Magnetic Inclination
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