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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Chapter 4Learning Objectives1 How do magmaigneous rocks form2 How do these lavasmagmas move3 Different igneous rocks Why so many types Classification 4 Tectonic setting for igneous rocks I RocksA Igneous Rocksa What classifies an igneous rock formed by cooling from a melt meltsmagma melt underground or lava melt at surfaceoneeded to be about 1100650C hotextrusiveat surface cools quicklyintrusiveunder surface cools out of sight B How Do We Melt Rocksa Decompression Melting release pressure lower melting temperatureoccurs at hot spots mid ocean ridges continental riftsb Flux Meltingadd volatilesany type of gassy substance water steam CO2 lower melting temperature of rock subduction zones c Conduction Melting adding a heat source rising mantle is hotmelts nearby crystal rock C Components of Melt Magmaa Magma solid mineral crystal composed of liquiddominantly silica and oxygen aluminum potassium sodium calcium magnesium iron are all present some gas can be presentdry magmalittle to no gas present wet magmaequal to or more than 15 gasflux melting is usually associated with wet magma which has a lot of water vapor CO Sulfur Nitrogen and Hydrogen 2D 4 Major Types of Melt Magmaa Felsichighest amounts of silica lighter in colormore crystallighter in weight as well
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