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Mkt 3413 Problem Definition

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MKT 3413

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Problem Definition & Qualitative Research
-11 steps in marketing research process
When do we know we have a marketing problem?
Failure to meet objectives or be where we should or want to be
o Sales
o Market share
o Profitability
o Some other indicator
*typical indicators (measures of success or failure)
Sales volume: total units or dollar value of units sold in a given time
Market share: percentage of total industry
Complaint competitors
**Knowing you have a problem is NOT knowing you have a problem**
Iceberg sighted- seeing the ice on the top of the water, but not knowing
how big it is underneath
Make up of a marketing research problem
o Researcher must be a detective
o The Dialog
MR(marketing researcher): What’s going on?
MM(marketing manager): We had a drop in our sales last quarter and again in
this quarter.
MR: Any ideas as to why?
MM: Our competitor dropped prices last quarter, so maybe our customers are
MR: What can you do about it?
MM: I can cut my prices by 5 percent, but I am not sure this will solve the
MR: So, what do you need?
MM: I need to know if my lost customers will come back if I drop my price by
o The marketing researcher does not make decisions. They dig into issues/problems told
to them by the marketing manager. Marketing managers make decisions.
The marketing researcher gets information to help marketing managers make
the best decision out of their suggested solutions.
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