Chapter 2 Lecture Notes

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Political Science
POLI 2051

Chapter 2 Lecture NotesRoots of the American Nation oTrade and taxation Mercantilism An economic theory designed to increase a nations wealth through the development of commercial industry and a favorable balance of tradeStrict importexport controls Costly French and Indian War New taxes on sugar and stamp act to cover the costs of the war Colonists didnt have a problem with the tax itself but what it opens up to No taxation without representation oFirst steps to Independence Stamp act congress Formed to address the grievances with Britain Were not trying to break apart from Britain at this point Boston Massacre Only five people died But got the colonists enraged with Britain Committees of Correspondence Build public opinion against Britain Boston Tea Party Coercive Acts Also known as the intolerable acts Quartering of British troops Cut off food imports and exports First Continental congress September 1774 56 delegates Met in Philadelphia King George refused Battle of Lexington and Concord Second Continental congress May 1775 Olive branch petition Rejected Thomas Paine Common sense Virginia became the first colony to call for independence oThree part resolutionIndependence Formation of foreign alliances Preparation of a plan of confederation oCommittee of Five Thomas Jefferson is principal author Twelve of the thirteen colonies voted for independence
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