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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Book Notes (got 93% on the test)

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PSYC 2017

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Chapter 6 Research ValidityResearch Validity refers tot the correctness or truthfulness of an inference that is made from the results of a research studyStatistical Conclusion Validity refers to the validity with which we can infer that the independent and dependent variables covary with every variation in the independent IV there is a corresponding variation in the dependent variable DV that is the IV and DV are statistically relatedo Statistically significant the observed relationship is probably not due to chanceConstruct validity the extent to which we can infer higherorder constructs from the operations we use to represent themoThreats to construct validityoParticipant Reactivity to the Experimental SituationThis threat refers to the fact that participants bring with them motives and tendencies that can influence their perceptions of the experiment and the responses they make on the dependent variable measuresParticipant EffectDemand characteristics any of the cues available in an experiment such as instructions rumors or setting characteristics that influence the response of participantsPositive selfpresentation participants motivation to respond in such a way as to present themselves in the most positive mannerConditions Producing a Positive SelfPresentation MotiveThis motive is activated when participants believe that others view their behavior as under the internal control of each participantImplications for ResearchThe key implication of the positive selfpresentation motive is that experiments must try to ensure that participant perceptions are held constant across the groups throughout all phases and conditions of the experimentoExperimenter effects actions and characteristics of researchers that influence the responses of participants
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