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Chapter 1 Psyc 2040

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Chapter 1 The Field of Psychology How we think about and interact with othersIntro to Social PsychologyoSocial Psychology nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in social situationso3 areasSocial thinking beliefs attitudesSocial influence conformity persuasionSocial relations prejudice aggressionSocial Psychology as a ScienceoWhat makes something a scienceNot what you study but how you study it1 set of values2 several methods that can be used to study a wide range of topicsValues of Scienceo1 order things happen for a reasono2 determinism every event has a physical and therefore measurable causeo3 accuracy commitment on behalf of a scientist to gather information as carefully as possible and free from personal biaso4 objectivity free from personal biaso5 open mindedness willingness to change their minds if they get enough evidenceo6 skepticism attitude that doubts all claims not supported by solid research evidenceMethods other than Scienceo1 common sense basic knowledge from livingNot always right often contradictoryo2 authoritiesEx Dr PhilNot always right often contradictoryo3 unsystematic observation look around environmentSee only what you expect to seeSocial Psychology Focuses on the Behavior of IndividualsoDifferences between social psychology and sociology1 sociologists study groups of people social psychologists study individuals2 social psychologists use more experiments and actively manipulate factors to see a cause and effectoSocial psychology seeks to understand the causes of social behavior and thought
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