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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Psyc 2040

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PSYC 2040

Chapter5TheSelfUnderstandingWhoamISelfoSelf that part of an individuals personality of which he is awareoSelf referent effect cognitive processing of information relevant to self more efficient than other types of materialCocktail party phenomenonignore others conversations until you hear your own name2 types of processing1 elaborative processing spend more time thinking about wordsevents that are relevant to ourselves2 categorical processing organize self relevant information into preexisting categoriesoSelf concept schemaorganized collection of beliefsattitudes about oneselfDomain specificFramework to help us process informationStructure of the self concept1 central self concepts extremely positive or negative relatively unaffected by the mood of the moment2 peripheral self concepts moderately positive or negative subject to change with the mood of the momentCan also categorize self concept by their content areasSocial Self ConceptoWe are all 6 selvesoSocial self a collective identity2 aspects1 interpersonal relationships friends family lovers2 aspects of identity derived from membership in larger less personal groups based on race ethnicity and cultureoThe self we think others see influences how we see ourselvesThinking about the Self Personal vs Social IdentityoPersonalsocial identity continuum 2 ways self can be categorized1 personal level self thought of as individual unique special2 social level self thought of as a member of a groupwhat makes you similaroAt any given moment in time you are at different places on that continuumoIntragroup comparisons compare personal selves to other members of the same groupoIntergroup comparisons compare our group to other groupsWho I am Depends on the Situation
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