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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes PSYCH 2078 (got 93% on the test)

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PSYC 2078
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Chapter 2Puberty Health and Biological FoundationsPubertyThe period of rapid physical maturation involving hormonal and bodily changes that take place primarily in early adolescenceHeredityPuberty takes place between about 916 years old for most because of a genetic predispositionoEnvironmental factors can also influencerdEg Physical activity 3 world countryHormonesPowerful chemicals secreted by the endocrine glands into the bloodstreamoAndrogens class of male sex hormonesTestosteroneRising levels trigger vocal changes increase in height aggression increases increase in sexual desire and sexual activityoEstrogens class of female sex hormonesEstradiolBreast and uterine development skeletal changeships widen not correlated with sexual desireHormone Levels By Sex and Pubertal Stage for Testosterone and EstradiolBoth males and Females have both hormones but levels are different in eachNegative Feedback System of Sex HormonesHypothalamus triggers eating sex drinkingLHRF releasing factor and FSHRF stimulate pituitary glandLH and FSH stimulate gonadsMenarche and SpermacheMenarche is the first menstrual periodoBody weight has important part in menarcheAround 1033 poundsSpermarche is the first ejaculation of semenSociocultural and Environmental FactorsAdolescents in developed countries and large urban areas reach puberty earlier than in less developed countries and rural areasGrowth SpurtPuberty brings the most rapid increases in growth since infancy
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