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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes - PSYCH 2078 (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 2078
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Chapter 1Adolescence Introduction to Adolescent Psychologytransition from childhood to adulthoodHistorical PerspectivethPlato 4 Century BCE oAbility to reasonthAristotle 4 Century BCEoAbility to chooseself determinationMiddle Ageschildren and adolescents were viewed as miniature adults oTreated as adultsRousseaubeing a child or an adolescent is not the same as being and adultoDistinct differencesoSided with PlatoHistorical PerspectiveG Stanley Halls StormandStress ViewoAdolescence is a time of turbulenceoHormonal changesoFather of adolescent psychologyoFirst to research adolescent psychologyMaragret Meads Socioculture ViewoPsychological experience of adolescents due to cultural influencesoEx Honor killingsThe Inventionist ViewoAdolescence as a sociohistorical perspectiveoWe invented adolescence AdolescenceWhat do we think ofoHigh school puberty acne reckless selfabsorbedStereotyping AdolescentsStereotypegeneralization that reflects our impressions and beliefs about a broad category of peopleAdolescent generalization gapgeneralizations based on a limited often highly visible groupoHear about bad stereotypes mainlyoDaniel Offer found 73 had a positive perceptionhealthy perspective healthy viewMajority have normal adolescentsSocial ContextsContextssetting development occurs in are influenced by historical economic social and cultural factorsSocial Policy A national governments course of action designed to influence the welfare of its citizensoEg Drinking age military obligationsThe Global PerspectiveAround the world adolescents experiences may differ depending on their gender families schools and peersRapid global change is altering the experience of adolescence presenting new opportunities and challenges to young peoples health and wellbeingThe Nature of DevelopmentDevelopmentthe pattern of change that begins at conception and continues through the lifespan
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