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Chapter 3

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Chapter3ClinicalAssessmentandDiagnosisAssessing Psychological DisordersPurposes of Clinical AssessmentTo understand the individualTo predict behaviorTo plan treatmentTo evaluate treatment outcomeAnalogous to a FunnelStarts broadMultidimensional in approachNarrow to specific problem areasAssessment means systematic evaluation and measurement of psychological biological and sociocultural factors to help understand abnormal behavior Includes more than just oral assessmentAssessment is different than diagnosis The process of diagonsis is determining if a person meets criteria for a mental disorderDoing an assessment would lead to a diagnosis but there are more purposes of a clinical assessmentA systematic assessment should help us understand the individual that we are assessingIt should also help predict future behavior and plan treatment and if the assessment is systematic it will assist us in evaluating treatment effectivenessnoneffectiveness see how the person looks after a whileFunnelBegin assessment with broad openended questions Depending on answer they will become more narrow and focus in on areas of concernKey Concepts in AssessmentReliabilityConsistency is measurementExamples include testretest and interrater reliabilityValidityWhat an assessment approach measures and how well it does soExamples include concurrent discriminant and predictive validityStandardizationStandards and norms help ensure consistency in the use of a techniqueExamples include structured administration scoring and evaluation proceduresReliabilityThe degree to which an assessment method you use is consistent Does the assessment used get the same measurementsIf same class took test but one used book not reliable test If doctors did different tests and got totally different results their interrater reliability would be bad and produce different diagnoses If each physician had used the same techniques they would have come up with same conclusionWould produce greater reliability Having assessment methods that are high in standardization would increase reliabilityThe methods follow a protocol everyone gets same test conditionsValidityDoes a test or assessment measure what it is supposed to measureDONT need to know different types of validity
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