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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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PSYC 3083
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Psychology 3083Chapter 4 Methods of Clinical AssessmentInterviewInterviewing as a method of assessment remains popularGood psychological interview obtains information and helps clientAssessment interviews are goal orientedGoal is to get information about problemInterviewerMust establish good rapportMust ask questions matteroffactlybe directdont be shy Must be nonjudgmental Must listenobserve carefullyIntake Interview first interviewAt first contact intake interview is doneoDetermines nature of individuals problemoUsually takes 4590 minutesoCan be structured question and answer formatORoCan be unstructured let person tell you why theyre thereoFocuses on what brought individual in for servicesoIncludes clients description of problemssymptoms symptom onset what person has tried to do about symptomsQuestions MAY be asked aboutoPast psychological historyoMedical historyoPersonal historyrelationship history work history etcMental Status Exam mseAssesses current mental functioningOften conducted when individuals seen in ER are admitted to psychiatric wardEx of items spell WORLD backwards serial 7s orientation itemsTypically covers the following areas GSCMPOOMAGIIoGeneral appearancebehaviorneat disheveled stuporous alcohol abuse avoid eye contact Depression etcoSpeechthoughtis speech coherent pressured etc is thinking logical grandioseoConsciousnessis person conscious clear confusedoMoodaffectis prevailing mood sad irritable elated appropriateoPerceptionare hallucinations presentoObsessionscompulsionsrepetitive behavior or intrusive thoughtsoOrientationtime day yearoMemoryLTM STMoAttnConcentrationis person distracted preoccupied able to concentrateoGeneral infocan person name president 6 large statesoIntelligencelevel of education person attained are questions in gen info sec answered well treat someone who went to special needs classes differently than someone with a college degreeoInsightjudgmentdoes person seem to have insight into current situationCase History InterviewAttempts to elicitoClients personal historyoFamily historyoSocial situationPURPOSEoTo provide backgroundcontext for current difficulties oIdentify current strengthsresourcesoIdentify difficultiesAdults usually provide their own social historyParents caretakers family members provide info for children developmentally disabled folks or those who are otherwise incompetentCase history interview asks individuals about oPresent situationoFamily historyoEarly developmentbirthoPastcurrent healthoEducationoSexual developmentoMarriage divorce childrenClinical Uses of Interviews need to know diagnosis prognosis treatmentDiagnosisInterventionALTHOUGH both should be based on several kinds of information not on basis of interviews aloneIntellectualCognitive AssessmentThere is controversy over concept of Intelligence some say biased Some say better name is CATCog Ability Tests instead of intelligence testSay best viewed as systematic way of gathering samples of school related skillsbehaviorsStanfordBinetFirst socalled intelligence test published in 19052
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