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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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SOCL 2505
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Chapter 5Race Ethnicity and FamiliesRacialEthnic GroupsRacialethnic group people who share a common identity and whose members think of themselves as distinct from others by virtue of ancestry culture and sometimes physical characteristics ON EXAMBased off social constructionWhat it means to be a white black or Hispanic person has changed over times and means different things to different societies in different contextsConstructing RacialEthnic GroupsGreat differences in family structure by racial ethnic groupsHispanic Latin American ancestryFirst listing in 1970 census125 in 2000 censusOnly 42 of these listed themselves in specific racial categoryAsian American Came from an Asian country umbrella termUmbrella termCovers several locations and nationsReligions and culturesIdea of using Asian American as a term which means to quantify put numbersYou can make more generalizations and report larger numbers Everywhere from Japan to PakistanDifferent racesNo overall Asian category in 2000 censusAs many variations in family patterns within subgroups as nonHispanicsUnited States is structured around five racialethnic groups African AmericansHispanicsAsian and Pacific Islanders
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