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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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SOCL 2505
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Chapter 4910 Social Class and FamiliesFamilies and the EconomyThe apprentice systemFathers would teach their sons their own jobsHappened for many centuries In 1900 less than 25 graduated from high schoolAbout 5 graduated collegeRich white men were going to college Technological changesDifferent types of jobs and skillsAutomationcell phone selfcheckout at grocery stores NetflixRedbox Coin Star Machine that has taken the job of a human We also outsource to other countries moved factories to different countries bc it is cheaperLess jobs to choose from Loss of skilled and semiskilled jobs to developing countriesThe Growing Importance of EducationFactory jobs used to be the normUS has become more factory based and has replaced workers Today without college Low paying service and unskilled manual labor jobToday a bachelors degree is the ticket to the betterpaying sectorA 4 year degree does not cut it any moreYou have to get a more specific degree
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