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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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SOCL 3501

Sociology 3501Chapter 3 Constructionist TheoriesoThree Characteristics of Constructionist TheoryoSubjectivism Voluntarism Relativism oPhenomenological Theory Jack KatzWrote a book called Seduction of Crime Interviewed murderers and robbers and asked for their sides of the story what they thought had happened He found that their side was completely different from what the courts had said happened Both the convicted murderersrobbers spoke as if they were morally superior saying that they were right and their victims were wrong Robbers described the victims as fools and deserving of it They define what happened to make themselves seem rightBurglars and robbers not only get tangible things they get something intangible they like doing these things and getting over on people sneaky thrills they get a rush by doing this They also get status oLabeling TheoryTannenbaum first wrote about it using the word tag Saying that society places tags on people label them they then treat people according to these labels and that could actually cause deviancecrimeLemert talks about the processPrimary Deviance deviance that people engage in before they are caught and labeled They dont think of the things they are doing as deviant they do it just because oLabeling theory doesnt explain primary devianceSecondary Deviance deviance people engage in after they are caught and labeled Deviance may even escalate oEx Four kids decide to steal a stop not thinking anything of it 24 get caught Bob and Jim Jim comes from a two parent home one parent come and gets Jim Bob is from a single parent home Bobs mom works several jobs to keep him in the neighborhood theyre living in She is at work at the time of the incident and has another hour until she can get off When called she tells officers that she cant come now but will be there soon When she gets there she may say things like I dont know what to do with him hes been getting in trouble lately Officer offers help but that means that Bob has to be placed into the system adjudicated When Bob goes back to school teachers admin and other parents begin to treat him differently A few students have a
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