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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3501

DrugsoIllicit Drug UseoMythsIf its legal it must be safe False alcohol and tobacco are both legalIllegal drugs are the most dangerousAll drug users become drug addictsDrug useaddiction only exists among the lower classThere are no risks associated with marijuanaoJust because its legal doesnt mean it is safe Alcohol tobacco prescription drugs are all legal Alcohol and tobacco are linked to more deaths and crime than any other oMost drugs that are illegal today were once legal Cocaine was legal until blacks started using it to stay up longer to work linger and the media was making it seem like the cocaine was making the black stronger and more sexually hyperactive oJust like how not all people who drink alcohol arent alcoholics some people become drug addicts but most do it recreationally oDrug use is seen across all class levels and all racial groupsoMajor Categories of DrugsoClassified based on effects they have on the central nervous systemOne problem with this system is that drugs have differing effects on the central nervous systemoCategoriesDepressantsStimulantsHallucinogensPsychedelicsoDepressants downersDrugs that reduce depress the activity of the CNSRelax the muscles relieve anxiety alleviates pain can boost mood and create sense of euphoriaThey lower blood pressure heart rates and respiration they slow everything downEx heroin opioids PCP alcohol morphine aspirinoStimulants uppersDrugs that stimulate the activity of the CNSProduce alertness arousal and excitation increase heart rate and blood pressure diminishes need for sleep and food can improve mood and alleviate anxietyEx cocaine all forms amphetamines all forms caffeine nicotineSome of these feelings are related to violenceoHallucinogensPsychedelicsDrugs that disturb the CNS altering the users perception of realityCan create hallucination in different forms hearing seeing tactile may think time has slowed downspeed upEx LSDAcid peyote ecstasy mushrooms toad lickingDrugs dont only produce one effect in CNS which is why marijuana has its own classificationoFactors that influence the effects drugs have on the userthe larger the does the greater the effect all things being equalDosagePurity Potency the purer the form of the drug the stronger the effect should be In street drugs you dont know how pure it is All marijuana isnt equal some stronger than othersDrug Mixing effects of marijuana is stronger while drinking alcohol Its a multiplier effect Not AB but ABAdministration the way you administer the drug effects how strong the effect will be Snort inject or smoke Smoking gets drug into system fast but there will be a tradeoffintensity versus durationIntravenous injection mainlining putting drug directly into bloodstream produced a stronger effect than intramuscular injection skin popping injecting the drug into the arm of leg muscles Habituation Tolerance you do it regularly there eventually isnt the same effect and new users have stronger effects than old users because tolerance is highoEffects of Major Drugs in the USoMarijuana
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