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Sociology 3501Chapter 1 What is Deviant BehavioroDeviance is anything that goes against social norms oNorms are rules that govern our behavior Norms can be prospective or prescriptiveoIn class deviance will be defined as a violation of social norms that elicit a negative reactionoAll crime is deviant but not all deviance is crimeoNorms govern social interaction they tell us what other expect from us and what we should expect from themoTypes of NormsFolkwaysMoresTaboosFolkways day to day things that you wont necessarily be arrested for but make things uncomfortableoExample Elevator behaviorThen unspoken elevator rule When you get on an elevator you are expected to get on the elevator press the button that will get you to the floor you desire and then stand in your own corner You are not to stand directly next to the person that is already on the elevator oLike which way of the hallway to walk onoWhen to say please and thank youoFolkways are only noticed when they are violatedMores more serious they represent beliefs we believe are serious Mores are more likely to be formed into law The law is the difference between crime and devianceoExample Homicide simply the killing of someone by another personTaboo a special type of more so serious that we dont want to think about itoExamples Incest
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