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Intro Thtr Design Calendar 2014

Course Code
THTR 2022

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Aug. 25 M
Introduction-Goals & Objectives
Aug. 27 W
Elements of Design
Begin Elements Collage
Aug. 29 F
Theatre Design
Elements of Design Exercise Due
Sept. 1 M
Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 3 W
Theatre Design / Read Susan Glaspel's Trifles 2-3 Times
Sept. 5 F
Element Collage Project -Presentation I
Sept. 8 M
Element Collage Project -Presentation II
Sept.10 W
Principles of Composition
Begin Composition Collage
Sept.12 F
Script Analysis
Sept.15 M
Script Analysis/ Begin Concept & Metaphor Project (C & M P)
Sept.17 W
Composition Collage Project -Presentation I
Sept.19 F
Composition Collage Project -Presentation II
Sept.22 M
Production Concept / Trifles Analysis Due
Sept.24 W
Concept & Metaphor Project – Presentation I
Sept.26 F
Concept & Metaphor Project – Presentation II
Set Design-Ground (Floor) Plans/Begin Set Design for Trifles
Oct. 1 W
Set Design-Sketches, Renderings, & Models
Trifles Production Concept Due
Oct. 3 F
Fall Break
Oct. 6 M
Stage Lighting Design/ Ground (Floor) Plans Due
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