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Chapter 1

ANTH 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Biocultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology

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ANTH 101

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Anthropology The study of humankind in all its forms, in a cross-cultural context.
o Set apart from sociology, psychology, and history because its cross- cultural
Culture The sum of total learned traditions, values, and beliefs that groups of people
Biological Anthropology Study of humans as biological organisms, considered in an
evolutionary framework; sometimes called physical anthropology.
Adaptation a trait that increases the reproductive success of an organism, produced
by natural selection in the context of an environment.
Hominin A member of the primate family Hominidae, distinguished by bipedal posture
and in more recently evolved species, a large brain.
Biocultural Anthropology The study of the interaction between biology and culture,
which plays a role in most human traits.
Cultural Anthropology study of human societies in a cross-cultural perspective. *Way
people live their lives daily is at the heart of this study*
o Ethnology subfield of cultural anthropology, study of human societies, practice
of it is called ethnography literally the desriing of ulture
Linguistic Anthropology the study of the form, function, and social context of
Archaeology the study of how people used to live, based on the materials, or artifacts
they left behind.
o Material culture artifacts, art, implements, and other objects
Paleoanthropology The study of the fossil record of ancestral humans and their
primate kin.
o Famous Paleoanthro Jane Moore
o Lucy a partial hominin skeleton
Osteology -the study of the skeleton
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