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Chapter 4

UCSF 137 Chapter 4: Environment & You - 2nd Edition

2 Pages
Fall 2017

Univ CORE Scientific Foundatns
Course Code
UCSF 137
Alfred Diggs

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+ lY?E Itr : {no\t drt'gOu nq ' t '

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Chopkr t{ : flrqonrsnfil* houtahCIm EtologJ,ornd,:ss}uholt m,flrt fundfiyylental untt of lrft *ffi..Srno[tsrncittcrtlrd,DNAi5ln{.cnrc{fi0S0n,44 :tslr.lqi(r,rnuift(,fiirc,[,WWnur0rgLi,ICtouoi0i.qCInrli(S q L3 tn hurrians) .W ond DfuAt n WYuthpleuhromo(ovvus Ie ulrd byptcrnfitand toynt pfohstsand bc;rclcrto) + sunhght+A70 + LAz Y lftD5 Az + Cc,*tzOa ryE:u.{d^?vbclc}enamtttrsysE,r,rit,urttiloltqht(dfc tLo[Snlehffirwlttlet (Dr* oe yIrLDS Oar1nO e tlS) fleoryil orgcrnrsrfPortor tn rt (ft{!^fd) .+ LarbohydraLrrr}urrqELator.pl]tLD vwWzI nzv uvclby orgonisml, ltslenaqj (Vfrl ll lot Jrtldt ttr + f qtruhcol,s,y*al,ntlosprrng( srnpie ctl c,[rvrsion [@ @ @@) qrn efical,Ludrwrse otfspr tnq ia.nrsrns (tqorywxs +r udesiqo le) G _ .grur,uYlt ul{ttctch trnstont lorerahon .?W, ?{rj!rtt.aq( chanqt (duublrrrq flryt,) BIErIPATE = fi6thS * t[tMr00fi.itDN_[,AE;enknng populctA EWt(lfhlloN! 3 = ttgvlnipoputctton I,prubobrhq 0fgno]gdntsrndgrn dunn ?rrcutqlIlntervctl u,ng + 0 ?0 {rPr ;moit drtstodt a rYPil,:.r quu{q [tqot
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