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A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science, 3 Edition David Reed Chapter Two: HTML and Web Pages A. HTML Basis 1. HTML Tags – specify formatting within a page 2. Surrounded by < > 3. and are at the beginning and end of a page a. divided into 2 sections: and 4. section – contains information that the browser uses to determine the look of the page a. - text here goes on top of the page 5. section – will appear on the page B. HTML Elements – form building blocks of Web pages 1. Opening tags – start the instructions <> 2. Closing tags – end the instructions > 3. Put opening and closing tags at the same indentation a. Every tag inside should be indented 4. Some tags don’t require a closing tag a. Example: 5. Comment element – defined by a single tag, which begins with a. Putting comments in helps when rereading tags b. Comments are ignored by the browser 6. Use text editors to create web pages a. To open the web page you’ve created, go to a web browser, file, open, and find the document you saved 7. To have a valid web page, you need: a. b. c. d. B. Document Formatting 1. Text Spacing a. and paragraph b. moves text to the next line c.   non-breaking space i. this is a character entity- always surrounded by & and ; 2. Headings and Alignment a. Headings are noted by i. As headings go up in number, they get smaller ii. creates a horizontal line to divide different parts of a document b. everything is automatically aligned to the left, but this can be changed using style attributes in an opening tag c. attribute – additional property that can be assigned to n HTML element on part of a tag i. example: d. DIV tags – group multiple elements into a single page division i. Allows you to format all enclosed elements at once 3. Font Formatting a. bold b. italic
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