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Marist College
Computer Science
CMPT 120L-115
Matthew Johnson

A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science, 3 Edition David Reed Chapter Four: JavaScript and Dynamic Web Pages A. Introduction 1. Static pages – all look the same and behave in the same manner each time they are loaded into a browser 2. JavaScript- created by Brendan Eich a. Makes pages dynamic – capable of changing appearance over time or in response to the user’s actions i. Instructs the browser to perform an action within the page B. Dynamic Web Pages 1. Statement – in programming language, it specifies a particular action that the computer is to carry out 2. HTML Event Handlers – dynamic attributes that specify how the element is to react to certain events a. onmouseover – specifies the action that the browser is to carry out when the user moves the mouse over that element b. onmouseout – specifies the action that the browser is to carry out when the mouse is moved off of the element c. example: i. d. assignment statement – changes the value of one of the element’s other attributes i. example: this.src= new value; where src is an attribute name 3. The onclick Event Handler – trigger whenever the user clicks the m
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