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Chapter 4-5

EDT 190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4-5: Block Scheduling

Teacher Education
Course Code
EDT 190
Ann Mackenzie

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Environmental threats to Resilience:
Parents w/ physiological or medical problems
Exposure to violence or poor treatment
Divorced parents
Traumatic experience
Protective Factors:
The elements of an individual's background or personality that could enable success
despite challenges faced
What sets resilient children apart?
Strong bond with caregiver, parent or teachers
Resilient children “meet the world in their own terms”
They are autonomous and independent
They seek out new social experiences
If we refrain from negative thoughts we could be resilient as well; less prone to depression
We can become less resilient when we exaggerate our stressors
Memorize mechanically: turns students into nothing but receptacles filled by the teachers
This is the banking concept of education; just depositing knowledge into the
students brains
“Knowledge is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves
Banking education system minimizes students creative powers
No solution found in the banking system; it only reinforces habits such as thinking the teachers
know everything and the students know nothing. The only solution is to transform the entire
Teachers should form things as questions so students can be investigators in the answer
Emergence of consciousness and critical interaction
Ritchart Chapter 4
Time: the containers, consisting of measurable periods that we allocate, assign, or use to
accomplish tasks of our choosing
How to Relieve Pressure in Classroom:
Greets each students as they enter the room
Watches videos to get the students to discuss them each day before class
Inspirational quotes
No lecturing: use other more involved methods of teaching
Wants the students to understand your actions and roles in the classroom
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