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Chapter 4

EDT 190 Chapter 4: Ritchhart Ch. 4

Teacher Education
Course Code
EDT 190
Ann Mackenzie

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Ritchhart Ch. 4: Time
●Recognizing time as a statement to your values: what does your time allocation
say about your priorities?
β—‹To what do you allocate the most time (most important)
β—‹To what do you allocate the least time (least important)
●Spending time with and building the best relationships with the students (Nathan
●In the classroom, not all time needs to be planned out
●If you realize that you tend to spend too much time on a topic, set a timer
●Prioritize your schedule so that you can accomplish all that needs to be done
●Learning to prioritize learning
β—‹Academic engaged learning
β—‹Academic learning time
β—‹Interactive instructional time
●Giving thinking time
β—‹Complex, cognitive processing takes time
β—‹Impulsive (surface) learning is quick responding
●Wait time: the amount of time a teacher pauses and gives the student time after
asking a question, before moving on.
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