HST 270 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Nazi Party

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20 Mar 2017
Albert Speer
Technology has no moral aspect, so those involved in creating technology were
not held to the same moral obligations as those doing the actually killing
Speer saw himself only as a function in his environment, just a piece of
technology ready to serve whomever
Who was Speer?
Born into an upper-middle class family
Speer was forced by his father to become an architect like himself and his
Hitler’s architect and later his Minister of Armament
Certainly was not like most other Nazis: he had a conscious, he wasn’t
Refused the honorary SS rank because he saw his job as non-political
He was a rare exception: he maintained his personal integrity
Always conscious that he was not like the other men in Hitler’s circle
Only one at Nuremberg to openly admit his faults without excuses
Other historians see him as the real criminal of Nazi Germany because he sat at
the center of political power and did absolutely nothing
What kept him tied to the regime for so long?
He believed that his creations were just technology and what the technology was
being used for was not any of his business
Even at Nuremberg he believed his “task was a technological and economic one”
Hitler’s influence
Paid much attention to the material being used to construct the desired buildings
Wanted them to be built with extremely durable material so they would
stand for thousands of years after his death
Wanted kind of classical style, but extremely exaggerated
Speer’s Power
Had no institutional power, but influence based on his close relationship with
Held many different offices, but stayed away from the political sphere
Joined the National Socialist German Workers Party
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