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Chapter 7

ITS 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Serbian Nationalism, Nationalist Terrorism, Economic Liberalism

International Studies
Course Code
ITS 201
Kathryn Lafever

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1922 Italy created the first fascist state with Mussolini at the head.
-Hitler modeled German movement after fascist Italy
Demonization of groups is a staple tactic of dictatorships
Authoritarian regimes rely on the support of upper classes.
The state of Europe today challenges the idea that he world is becoming progressively more
dangerous and violent.
-Most of Europe is democratic and the Europe Union is an incredibly peaceful institution
-Stalinism didn’t appeal to Western Europe
After World War II, there was a push for greater economic liberalism
The European coal and steel community became the European economic community.
-The European common market was based on liberal economic principles
-The United States supported the economic community even though it competed with it
Europe was launched in 199
There are some problems with the European Union
-Debt crises showed some states won’t play by the financial rules
+States had to bailout others or the Eurozone would have collapsed
-Brexit has also undermined the European Union
Most European states are social democracies but some have trouble maintaining them
-There are also some problems with defense policy
-Also, some problems with open borders
Europe has a deep history of terrorism for political rights
-Russian revolutionaries used terrorism against tsarist rule in the hopes of instigating
a full fledged revolution
-Assassination of Franz Ferdinand which started the first World War and was
committed by a Serbian nationalist terrorist group
-Irish Republican Army against the United Kingdom government in the pursuit of
Irish independence
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