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ANP 201

Chapter 1 • Anthropology: the science of human cultural and biological variation and evolution. • Culture: shared learned behavior • Humans are bio-cultural organisms which means that our culture and biology influence each other • BioculturalApproach: studying humans in terms of the interaction between biology and culture in evolutionary adaptation • Anthropology is Holistic: integrating all aspects of existence in understanding human variation and evolution • Comparative approach: comparing human populations to determine common and unique behaviors or biological traits • Evolution is both, a fact and a theory.Afact is a verifiable truth • Catastrophism: Hypothesis created by Cuvier that explained extinctions; is posited a series of catastrophes in the planets past during which many living creatures were destroyed • Evolution is affected by changes in the environment and in other species • Ascientific theory will continue to change as new evidence is gathered and as further tests are constructed • Intelligent Design: centers on the idea that the biological world was created by an intelligent entity, although God is not generally specified directly as the creator, thus trying to divo
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