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Chapter 14

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ANP 201

Chapter 14 • One task of biological anthropology is to make sense out of data on human variation. ◦ What is the pattern of variation within a population? ◦ What is the pattern of variation between populations? ◦ What is the explanation for the observed patterns of variation? • Antibody: a substance that reacts to other substances invading the body • Antigen:Asubstance invading the body that stimulates the production of antibodies. • Electrophoresis: a laboratory method that uses electric current to separate proteins, allowing genotype to be determined. • Human LeukocyteAntigen System (HLA):Adiverse genetic system consisting of linked loci on chromosome 6 that control autoimmune response. • Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP):Agenetic trait defined in terms of the length of DNAfragments produced when certain enzymes cut the DNAseqence. • Micro-satellite DNA: Repeated short sequence of DNA; the number of repeats is highly variable. (STR) • Alue Insertion:Asequence of DNArepeated at different locations on different chromosomes. • Single-nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs): Specific positions in a DNAsequence that differ at one base. For example, the DNAsequence CCTGAAand CCCGAAdiffer in the third positi
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