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ANP 201

Chapter 9 vocab (book) Vocab: • Epoch:Asubdivision of a geological period. • Continental Drift:The movement of continental land masses on top of a partially molten layer of the earths mantle that has altered the relative location of the continents over time. • Paleocene epoch: The first epoch of the Cenozoic era, dating between 65.5 million and 55.8 million years ago. The primate like mammals appeared during the Paleocene. • Postorbital bar: The bony ring that separates the eye orbit from the back of the skull in primates. • Carpolestes Simpsoni:Aspecies of primate like mammal that had some derived primate traits, such as a grasping foot and an opposable big toe. This species is intermediate in many respects between primitive primate like mammals and true primates. • Eocene Epoch: The second epoch of the Cenozoic era, dating between 55.8 million and 33.9 million years ago. The first true primates, primitive prosimians, appeared during the Eocene. • Oligocene Epoch: The third epoch of the Cenozoic era, dating between 33.9 million and 23 million years ago. Anthropoids underwent an adaptive radiation during the Oligocene. • Miocene Epoch: The fourth epoch of the Cenozoic era, dating between 23 million and 5.3 million years ago. Sev
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