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ANP 201

Chapter 13 vocab (book) • Anatomically Modern Humans (AMHS): The modern form of the human species, which dates back 200,000 years. • Homo Floresiensis: The species name given to a very small hominin that lived in Indonesia in recent times, and though by some to be a dwarf species of Homo Erectus. • Island Dwwarfism: The process by which natural selection favors smaller body size on an island with limited resources, leading to dwarfed species. • Upper Paleolithic:Ageneral term used to collectively refer to the stone tool technologies of anatomically modern Homo Sapiens. • Lower Paleolithic:A general term used to collectively refer to the stone tool technologies of Homo Habilis/ Homo Rudolfensis and Homo Erectus. • Middle Paleolithic:Ageneral term used to refer collectively to the stone tool technologies of homo heidelbergensis and the Neanderthals. • Blade:Astone tool characteristic of the Upper Paleolithic, defined as being at least twice as long as it is wide. • Burin:Astone tool with a sharp edg
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