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Chapter 17

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ANP 201

Chapter 17 vocab (book) • Sedentary: Settled in one place throughout most or all of the year. • Bio-archaeology: The study of human skeletal remains from archaeological sites that are used to provide information on the health and lifestyle of prehistoric people. • Carrying Capacity: The maximum population size capable of being supported in a given environment. • Natural Increase: The number of births minus the number of deaths. • Life expectancy at birth:Ameasure of the average length of life for a newborn child. • Life Table:Acompilation of the age distribution of a population that provides an estimate of the probability that an individual will die by a certain age, used to compute life expectancy. • Zoonose:Adisease transmitted directly to humans from other animals. • Epidemic:Apattern of disease rate when new cases of a disease spread rapidly through a population. • Endemic:Apattern of disease rate when new cases of a disease occur at a relatively constant but low rate over time. • Civilization:Alarge, state-level society characterized by large population size, high population density, urbanization, social stratification, food and labor su
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