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Chapter 9 vocab (book) • Environmental Determinism: The now discredited view that the degree of challenge presented by a particular environment determines the level of technological complexity achieved by the people living there. Not surprisingly, Western European thinkers in the nineteenth century viewed the environments of Western Europe and NorthAmerica as presenting exactly the right level of challenge to produce the worlds most developed societies. • Cultural Ecology: The study of the interrelationships between human groups and their environments. The cultural ecological approach views culture as an adaptive system. • Paleoenvironmental: Relating to the ancient environment of an area.Archaeologists seek to understand the nature of the paleoenvironment to which a human group adapted. • Palynologists: Scientist that studies pollen. They become expert in recovering pollen and identifying the species of plants that produced it. Palynologists can reconstruct ancient plant communities and, by inference, ancient climates by comparing the pollen profiles derived from ancient pollen assemblages to the pollen rain falling in modern locations with their known climates. • Pollen Profile: The percentages, usually depicted in a graph, of the pollen of
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